Book 1


The secret police of a renegade Middle East nation hold two politically sensitive prisoners separate from the others… Marine Corps aviator David Winslow and humanitarian relief worker Emma Hamilton are the sole inmates of a special cellblock. They bond emotionally and sensually, despite being housed in separate cells, as they endure interrogations, torture, and the constant threat of death. When fate unexpectedly liberates them from the prison compound, their dash for freedom includes the seductive culmination of weeks of emotional foreplay. But once they flee the country, David doubts Emma’s certainty that she is in love with him. He fears that she feels only gratitude.









Book 2


Even though Jessica Cleary loved Marine Corps pilot Devlin MacKenzie, she cancelled their wedding. That was ten years ago. She still loves the bold jet jockey, but she remains haunted by the loss of her aviator father during an earlier war.

After being shot down and rescued in the Middle East, Devlin turns up without warning at Jessica’s bed and breakfast inn under the guise of needing a place to recover from his injuries and avoid the media, thus setting in motion a deeply sensual rekindling of a love never completely abandoned. And while a tornado threatens to destroy the lakefront bed and breakfast inn to which Jessica has devoted herself, Devlin MacKenzie threatens to shatter her emotional resistance to him with a scorching seduction and the promise of a shared future.








Book 3


Pride and determination collide . . .
Sculptor Bliss Rowland has never forgotten the Naval Intelligence officer who rescued her as a teenager after a London terrorist attack. Eleven years later, and on the heels of yet another terrorist incident, Micah Holbrook is sent to her Virgin Islands retreat a changed man. This time, it is the rescuer who must be rescued. Even as Micah grapples with the threat of permanent blindness, he also fights against his desire for the determined, sensual woman that Bliss has become. He fears he has little to offer this gifted sculptor if he cannot even see the highly acclaimed sculptures she creates. Will Micah finally acknowledge his love for Bliss . . . or will his pride transform him into the ultimate HEARTBREAKER?








Book 4


Following a failed kidnapping attempt, Leah Holbrook awakens in a hospital ER to a world she doesn’t recognize and a man she doesn’t remember. But that man is one she intuitively trusts.

A second attack occurs in the hospital’s parking lot. Once again, Brett Upton stands between Leah and death. His work as an undercover Naval Intelligence officer in terrorist strongholds across the globe is at the heart of the threat to Leah. Brett is determined to protect this woman who owns him, heart and soul. His greatest anxiety? That she will recall his betrayal of her.

Instinct assures Leah that they were once lovers. She needs Brett’s protection, but she also craves his sensuality. As her memories return in fragments, can Leah persuade him to forgive himself? And will they, once again, become . . . More Than Friends?

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